Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursdays are great....

As I still sit here in my pajamas... it being 9:30am! I am reminded of why I love Thursdays. A day to relax. I'm currently uploading a bunch of pictures onto this computer so I can update my SCS gallery with my latest creations. I've gone mad for Valentines this year! Not sure if it's this new motherly thing or what, but I am having a good time making my own decorations. Here's a little something I made for Ella.
I know she's not due until A
pril... but I figured it would be neat to leave her a Valentines love note every year... why not start now? I plan on making one for Nate & another for myself as well.

This cookbook cover was a little hard to
photograph as well... The
hearts spell out "recipes". It's kind of simple, but looks cute in my kitchen as an extra festive touch! Looking forward to receiving all my swapped recipes to fill this book.

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