Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's been a loooong while

We've been bouncing around lately. Spent a few months in Colorado, about 6 weeks in Illinois. Now we've been back to Torrington for almost a week. Ella will be 16 months soon enough. She's walking about 50% of the time. She is a happy, loving, beautiful kid with a personality that just shines.
We've been through so much this year.
We lost our second child to an ectopic pregnancy on April 9th. I think about that baby all the time. We named the baby Cameron Haydin Anderson. Since it was too early to know the gender... I was only about 6 weeks along at most. I don't think I could get through it all without Ella. She is the reason I can still smile.
Cameron would have been born around Thanksgiving. I know that time of year is going to be really rough on me.
So for now, we are going to wait to try again. Things are too unstable in our lives to purposely have another child... but another baby would be MORE than welcomed.

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