Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pink Nightmare... is being ATTACKED

Well, it's a start. I am taking down the paper and painting before Saturday. Ugh, this bathroom it my nightmare. I was going to tile the tub all the way up, until I looked and I think the spout is part of that metal plate on the wall... ummm... and there is no pull for the shower. So... we have to replace all of that hardware. I am thinking it will be cheaper and easier to buy an all-in-one shower wall. Ugh. I wish someone would help me with this project. I might call a plumber for the stuff I can't do. I am so sick of taking baths, it's just gross. I ran out of wallpaper remover, so I will have to get more and finish taking it all down tomorrow evening. Then I will tear up the carpet WOOHOO!

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