Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, Torrington! What am I going to do with you?!

When I moved to Torrington I did not recycle. In fact, I did not recycle since living with my parents in Illinois. There we had a "recycle bin" in our garage, along side the trash can. The recycling got picked up on the curb. When I moved out of state, I had no idea what recycling would involve.

I started cloth diapering Ella when she was 6 months old. I lived in an apartment and had to drive my stinky diapers to a laundromat every 2-3 days to make sure my baby had fresh diapers. It was worth every minute, every penny. I knew at that time I had so many changes to make.

I didn't start making those changes until we moved into our current home, last July. I had it. I've seen enough stuff thrown out. It disgusted me. First of all, recycling in Torrington is a major pain in the ass. There are 3 moveable bins around town to put our recycling in. Yeah, that's right... we bring it there. Fine, whatever, it's worth it to help save our planet just a little. However, the more pregnant I get, the more frustrating it is.

The most frustrating part of recycling in Torrington isn't even that we don't have a place to recycle glass (which DOES frustrate me!).... it's that the dang plastic bin is always so full. Now, I'm thankful I'm not the only one who gives a crap... but c'mon, Torrington! We need one trailer for ONLY plastic, and then another seperated for paper, cardboard, aluminum and glass. The plastic always fills faster and then it ends up blowing all over in the wind.

I also wish we had more resources around here. Wyoming is a grand and beautiful state, and its residents are pathetic. They litter cigarette butts everywhere, and can't simply throw a dang coke can in a recycling bin. Put up recycling bins on Main street next to the trash cans! Fast Food joints need to do the same! Plastic straws and lids go into the trash EVERYDAY. WTF?!

Okay, that's the end of my rant. I'm just sick of this mainstream lifestyle in Torrington. I want more people here to understand the importance of reycling, cloth diapering... and using toxic-free products in their homes. If I could only open my own little green shop... this city would be a better place!

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penny said...

But Torrington is a darling little town with lots of great things going for it. Hey do they recyle in Chugwater?