Friday, July 16, 2010

And It's finished :)

I woke up this morning and just wanted to finish this gift. I have almost two weeks, but I just would rather do it now than later. I think it's pretty cute, and was simple (besides the lining... I've never done a lining before. Now I know what I would do different next time to make it easier :) I was going to make a scarf to go through the belt loops but had this way cute ribbon and decided it would be nice. There are no interior pockets, but I put velcro on the front pockets so she can still put little things in it.
I had the ribbon, thread, velcro and colorful halter top in my stash. I only bought the Hannah Montana jean capris. Oh, I used scrap denim for the strap (normally there is enough in a pair of jeans but not kid capris!). So, I spent 50cents on this present. Planning on getting a few things from the Target dollar spot to put inside as well!

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