Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home Improvement begins...

I love HGTV, I adore home decorating. I was super excited to "get the ok" to put our mark on this place. It probably hasn't been painted in ages, and Ella's room was the first project I wanted to tackle. This is because it has NO wallpaper (there is 1-2 walls papered in the kitchen, bathroom and our room) and really needed a fresh look. I also wanted to paint BEFORE we tore up the carpet. Anyway, I chose "peapod green." and we are getting a gallon of white (well, antique white) paint tomorrow to do the trim, inside of the closet, Ella's dresser, and a small bookshelf (when I find her one!). I have picked out black and white damask fabric and polka-dot fabric to make sheets, bed skirts, curtains and some throws. That will get ordered this week... this is the damask fabric : Click Here
Here are a few before pictures...
My helper :)

Anyone know a cheap place to get some new light covers for the ceiling fan? We really need some new ones...
Well, here is Ella's green room!

(the hose is for the a/c unit)

a peak at the pretty hardwood floor!!!!!! The padding from the carpet is so old that some of it is like powder now... kinda gross, but easy to rip up!!
And yep, the trim is all still baby blue. I can't wait to see the white in there :)

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