Friday, August 14, 2009

New bedding...

I actually made the crib sheet last night... VERY simple to do. I am thinking of getting some more fabric to make a spare, and then matching flat sheets and pillowcases for when we alter it to the toddler bed. I used this tutorial:Crib Sheet Tut However, I can't find the site that had a chart... I did alter this tutorial slightly on my measurements. My fabric was only 44" across, not 45 so instead of making it 69" long, I cut it 68"... then the squares I cut from the corners are 8.5" not just 8. And it worked out quite nicely!

Close up! The crib skirt was a pain in the butt!!! I took apart a Circo brand dust ruffle I bought for only $3, and kinda measured it up... so, it took a little time and I am SO GLAD to be done with it. I also like these instructions.... Dust Ruffle Instructions. I just wish they had pictures... not that easy to follow. Maybe I'll make my own tutorial someday... who knows?!

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