Friday, August 7, 2009

It's been far too long...

since I have done ANY papercrafting! We left Torrington in February to attempt to move to Cheyenne... living with my aunt, uncle & 3 young cousins (in Colorado) until mid-May. The only papercrafting I did during those three months was one A-Z swap (its in a previous post) and my brother and now sister-in-law's wedding invites (which I might post once I can block out addresses!).
Nathan left to stay with his dad and grandpa in Torrington and Ella and I went to "wait out" the job situation in Illinois at my parents home. About a month and a half ago Nathan's grandfather passed away. Ella and I came home early.
Well, we are back in Torrington staying at his grandfather's place. I have no idea how permanent this is, so I am going ahead and making it home... I've been slowly packing away things for the family to go through, storing it, and moving some of our things in. Just today we bought some paint so that Ella can have the first room to be complete. It's been years since any painting has been done, so anything we do will be of help when it comes time for the family to decide what they will do with the place... who knows? Maybe our situation will go better that we might buy it.
It's been a difficult year, however, I've learned the lesson of patience over and over, and that is hard for me. I like a plan and I like things to go my way, and I've had the opposite. All of this has left me incredibly humbled.
And on a lighter note... I will post my newest papercrafting progect in another post, lol.

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